Artwork by Jack Fran

When you’re staying at Amy Robsart Court, it’s just a short walk past the parklands to vibrant Hutt Street, where renowned artist Jack Fran has created tailored artworks specifically for Hutt Street utilising the themes and identity of Hutt Street.

Community and village
Celebrate heritage
Embrace culture and music
Connection to green spaces and Park Lands

The artwork will showcase an assembly of graphics, colours, words and phrases designed to express the main street’s unique image and essence.

The project aims to increase public art throughout the city and revitalise the main street as a key destination and attractor for businesses, residents, visitors, and tourists on Hutt Street.

While there you can visit Hutt Street’s many cafes, shops, restaurants and have a libation at either the Arab Steed (nearest to your accommodation) or the historic Havelock hotels.